Wednesday, March 28, 2012

past few months in pics.

guys. i know i really am terrible at blogging. I feel my life is boring, and uneventful. but i decided to post a few pics of the things that have made me real happy the past few months.

first things first...the most epic trip ever to hawaii with carlee, wendy, and julie. BFF ;) brother dusty is ENGAGED! to his high school sweetheart krista. for those of you who know him this is a huge big fat deal. he proposed at the home rebel game against boise st. it was on the big screen and so so cute. she was shocked. in the pic is her little sis taylor who is a rebel girl and hooked it up. im so excited. i think they are planning for september.

next...this little man is the cutest thing alive i think. i get to kick it with him on monday's.

next is my other favorite guy. isnt he just so handsome? looooove him.

we got to go to san diego like 2 weeks ago and see DRAKE. best show ever.

im loving that alex finally lives here again. i missed her. and yes we go to cafe rio like once a week. nbd.

oh yeah and im blonde now and am learning to cook thanks to pinterest.

yesssss, now i feel updated at least for my own record keeping. pathetic i know.


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Jen Ballard said...

i like your blonde hair! it makes you look super tan. but thats probably because you just are super tan haha

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